Self Care and Wellness in the Legal Field

There is no way around it— this last year has been challenging for all. 

In recognition of the stressors inherent in the legal profession generally, and even more so on Judges, lawyers, and Court family members during the last year, the NJCHS is proud to have co-sponsored a panel on Wellness and Self-Care as part of the recent WDWA District Conference. We are delighted to be sharing the recording with you as Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close!

Tune in as Professor Ronald Tyler of Stanford shares invaluable short-term coping mechanisms and long-term serenity practices, followed by a panel featuring Ninth Circuit Wellness Committee Chair, Judge Phyllis Hamilton (NDCA), Judge Robert Lasnik (WDWA) and WDWA’s Chief of U.S. Probation and Pre-trial Services Monique Neal.