The NJCHS Oral History Collection

Since 1987, the Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical Society has been collecting the oral histories of judges and lawyers who have made significant contributions to the development of law in the western United States and the Pacific islands. The project’s purpose is to create an archive of primary data documenting the legal profession in the western United States so that future generations will be able to study how—and by whom—our society was governed.

Accessing the Collection

The oral history transcripts, audio tapes and video tapes are made available as dictated by the terms of the agreement between the interviewee and the Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical Society.

The Society retains copyright on all transcripts, audio tapes and video tapes created under its oral history project, subject to the terms of each oral history agreement. By special arrangement, the Society has deposited copies of some of its unrestricted transcripts with the Berkeley Law School at the University of California, Berkeley. Transcripts, audio tapes, video tapes and other materials in the Society’s collection originating under the auspices of other organizations may not be copied without the permission of the copyright holder.

Using the Collection

If you plan to use any portion of an oral history transcript, audio tape or video tape in a published work or commercial production, you must secure the Society’s permission in writing to cite, quote or excerpt it. To do so, please submit the pages of the manuscript or portion of the work in which the interview is quoted or excerpted as well as at least the three preceding and following pages or other material necessary to provide sufficient context. The Society will check the citation and issue a letter of permission. This procedure may take several business days or more. Citation must include the name of the work (for example, “Transcript of Oral History Interview of United States Circuit Judge ________”), the date of the interview, and the fact that the work was published or produced by the Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical Society (and/or collaborating institutions, when applicable). For commercial productions, please also write the Society describing your project and the words or excerpts you wish to use. Any use beyond the standards of “fair use” may require a fee.

For further information about using the Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical Society collection and for current charges, please contact the Society’s office at (415) 757-0286 or by e-mail at ExecutiveDirector@NJCHS.org