Courthouse Postcards

Check out these postcards featuring the art and architecture of courthouses within the Ninth Circuit!

The NJCHS thanks the Circuit and all of the Districts for their support of the Society in so many ways throughout the year. We are also so very appreciative to all of the Court personnel who worked side by side with us on this project to create “virtual visits” of some of the lovely aspects of their courthouses!

Here are just a few examples. Click below to see the full collections for each District!

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District of Alaska

District of Arizona

Central District of California

Eastern District of California

Northern District of California

Southern District of California

District of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands

District of Hawai’i

District of Idaho

District of Montana

District of Nevada

District of Oregon

Eastern District of Washington

Western District of Washington

James R. Browning Courthouse

Richard H. Chambers Courthouse

William K. Nakamura Courthouse

Pioneer Courthouse