Parentheticals Contest: Round 2 -- April 20, 2020

With the goal of adding a touch of levity in these challenging times, the NJCHS is proud to announce its first annual Parentheticals Contest. Be it in a brief, a decision, or a law review article, what attorney or legal materials reader has not encountered a parenthetical description of a precedent or secondary source that, while technically accurate, offers an odd, frequently skewed description of the source? The Parentheticals Contest asks you to do the same, BUT for classic works of literature.

The rules are simple. Take a classic or well-established work of literature, and create a parenthetical that describes it in an accurate, yet odd, fashion that may miss the point of the book, OR may characterize it in an otherwise humorous manner. Here are some examples:

See, e.g., W. Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Hamlet, King of Denmark (c. 1600) (a study of clinical depression among early-medieval Scandinavian nobility).

See, e.g., T. Capote, In Cold Blood (1966) (describing the scope of the exclusionary rule in Kansas criminal procedure).

Dr. Space: The Life of Wernher von Braun (2009) (he aimed for the stars, but sometimes he hit London).

See, e.g., H. Melville, Moby Dick or The Whale (1851) (examining whaling technology in nineteenth-century America).

Got kids at home? They can play too in our special kids/young adult book division:

L. Numeroff, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (1985)(resident mouse gives himself a haircut, but does he have any openings, for say, next Tuesday?)

HOW TO ENTER: e-mail entries to  Limit --two entries per person per round. Our esteemed panel of Judges (Ninth Circuit and District!) will decide and we will announce the winning entries the following week! 

DEADLINE: 4/20/20 
ARE THERE PRIZES? Bragging rights for now, but when we get back to our office, we will send you some fun NJCHS swag!
DO I NEED TO BE AN NJCHS MEMBER TO ENTER? No, but of course if you aren't already, please do join us or make a donation if you can, and thanks to a VERY generous member, your support will be doubled! JOIN NOW!


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